Stuff I Like

Sometimes I sit down to write something and all these feelings pour out. Sometimes I sit down to write something and I’m so tired from packing up all my shit that all I really want to do is recommend stuff to you. Tonight is the latter.

Music-wise, I really, really cannot recommend Ian Foster enough. He combines dusky vocals and simple but effective arrangements with fantastic and evocative lyrics that will knock you on your ass. He’s also a jerk who gets to tour Italy and the Netherlands for the next month a pretty cool guy and a good friend of mine. (Listen: If The Weather Holds)

Also, do yourself a favour and check out Amelia Curran. I’ve been obsessed with her song “The Mistress” for weeks. (Listen: The Mistress)

If you’d rather steer away from the acoustic route, check out Shiny Toy Guns. Yes, they had that song in that cell phone commercial. Yes, it’s addictive. Yes, the rest of their stuff is pretty good as well. (Listen: Le Disko)

I’m also one of those idiots just discovering Warren Zevon. How did I not know about this guy? Kid Rock should be beaten daily with a shoe for sampling “Werewolves of London” in his shitty song. (Listen: Lawyers, Guns and Money)

If it’s books you want, Mary Roach’s Bonk is a fantastic read. The wit is dry but the writing isn’t. If you’re not at all inclined to care about historical experiments it might be a bit of a slog, but the curious-minded among you will probably get a real kick out of it.

If you’re the type of person who gets in long-winded conversations about pop culture and the effects on society (slacker Sociology majors, represent),  Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs is definitely worth your time. Chuck Klosterman is my future husband, even though he doesn’t know it yet.

You need the Cyanide and Happiness book. You just do. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

I’m not really much help when it comes to fiction, but I’ll go ahead and bolster my Canadian cred by recommending some Margaret Atwood. Start with The Penelopiad and if you feel like something more time-intensive, pick up Cat’s Eye. Her prose isn’t too in love with itself but she can turn a phrase like it’s ballet.

Dylan Moran gets a category of his own. If you like lovable, misanthropic drunks (and if you don’t, I can’t imagine why you’re reading my blog), here are my instructions: watch Monster, watch What It Is, order Black Books on DVD, improve your life immensely.

For random stuff you don’t really need, FLOR tiles! Tell me that isn’t the neatest shit ever. The apartment I’m moving into has amazing Smurf-blue walls but the floor is heinous, so I will be investing in these as soon as possible.

I also like not packing.

What stuff do YOU like?

2 thoughts on “Stuff I Like

  1. Mark me down as one who has NEVER understood the appeal of Warren Zevon. His stuff isn’t bad, it’s just… not great, either.

    Musically right now I’m into Muse and The Arctic Monkeys. And yeah, Shiny Toy Guns are pretty good.

    For fiction, check out Kazuo Ishiguro. All of his novels are preposterously amazing. “Never Let Me Go” is probably the best. J. Maarten Troost wrote a pair of great books about living on small South Pacific islands: “Sex Lives of Cannibals” and “Getting Stoned with Savages.” They’re both quite funny, hybrid travel/anthropology books. And he’s Canadian by birth, too!

    1. I absolutely have to read something called “Getting Stoned with Savages.” Consider those books added to the wishlist.

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